An example of a class is the Fire Elementals' Primus Class: Monk

Class System is an upcoming feature in Elements . You can upgrade your characters in the Class System.

Whenever you use a class, you can learn new skills and upgrade your statistics.

How to UpgradeEdit

You can upgrade your class when you earn Class Points. Class Points are point that you get when completing a mission, defeating enemies, etc.


When you defeat a boss in "Elements", you receive a huge amount of Class Points and a rare object.

Class TiersEdit

There are four Class Tiers:

Primus- is your basic class that can be unlocked through coins and when you have 1,000 Class Points

Secondus - is your secondary class that can be unlocked through coins and when you have 100,000 Class Points

Tertius - is your tertiary class that can be unlocked through completing one of the extremely hard missions and when you have 1,000,000 Class Points

Elementus - is your secret class which you master your element and can create god-like skills, to unlock this class tier is still unknown


Fire ElementalsEdit

  • Monk (Primus)
  • Champion (Secondus)
  • Berserker (Tertius)

Water ElementalsEdit

  • Beast Trainer (Primus)
  • Summoner (Secondus)
  • Grand Summoner (Tertius)

Nature ElementalsEdit

  • Scientist (Primus)
  • Item Master (Secondus)
  • Alchemist (Tertius)

Earth ElementalsEdit

  • Knight (Primus)
  • Warrior (Secondus)
  • Guardian (Tertius)

Lightning ElementalsEdit

  • Archer (Primus)
  • Hunter (Secondus)
  • Gunslinger (Tertius)

Air ElementalsEdit

  • Thief (Primus)
  • Ninja (Secondus)
  • Assassin (Tertius)